A new era of SIM-card sales

Streamline your customer acquisition in smart & digital way.
Expand brand awareness with SIMKOMAT.

A new approach|behavior

SIMKOMAT and a smartphone are all your clients need to subscribe to your service.

Buying a SIM card

Subscribe clients via the Internet: anywhere at anytime.


Adaptive website for a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Plans & prices

A client selects the pricing plan.

Identity verification

Customer ID verification using KYC provider.

Getting a QR-code

A client gets a QR-code after payment.

Getting a SIM-card

QR-code scanning

SIMKOMAT links client data to the SIM-card number (ICCID)

SIM-card dispensing

The subscriber gets the SIM-card in one touch.


No internet connection? No problems. SIMKOMAT onboards new clients via WI-FI hotspot.

SIM-card activation

The mobile operator receives client data and ICCID.

Technical specifications

Portable and compact

12 kg. Very compact design, demanding minimal space, mounting vertical or on the wall.


All components are easy to maintain or change in place.

150+ SIM card dispenser

The monitoring system will remind you automatically to replenish the dispenser with the SIM-cards.

Any questions?

Learn more about SIMKOMAT’s monitoring system.

New opportunities

SIMKOMAT fully automates client subscription with digital channels.

Branchless retail

Expand your brand awareness anywhere with ease.

24/7 customer service

Provide your service to your customers when they need it most.

Digital transformation of SIM-card sales

Exceed your clients’ expectations amid the changing market.


Smart integration with any IT infrastructure, detailed API and tech documentation.


Comprehensive monitoring system reports about equipment status in real-time.


The data is transferred via the secure communication channels to the certified servers.


We provide you with 1 year free warranty and lifetime support. Whenever you have a questions feel free to contact us.

SIMKOMAT ™ is patent protected.

Our company develops the SIMKOMAT hardware and software platforms enriched with client verification using KYC provider identity verification system. We create the product that allows telecom operators to streamline their digital retail.